The ‘Beverages’ can broadly be classified into ‘Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic’. ‘SID International’ would be manufacturing, packaging and marketing both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic beverage: The Company will follow BII (Bottle In India) concept. Under this concept, all the ENA will be procured from various parts of the world and bottled in India.

Loch LomondLoch LomondLoch Lomond

  1. The company has launched its first ‘Blended Scotch Whisky’ – Highbridge 1745 .
  2. The ENA for this product has been imported from Scotland.
  3. The product will be supplied to us by international Exporter. Followed by different types of ENA from different parts of the world.

Five Connoisseurs for tasting different blends created by SID International for Highbridge 1745. The best recommended blend is bottled and sold.

five-connoisseurs tasting different blends

The Connoisseurs for the evening:

  • Mr. Anup Sardesai – MD Goa medicare
  • Mr. Mario Sequira – MD Tonia group
  • Mr. Augustus Montiero- Lawyer
  • Mr. Agnelo Alcassoas – MD Queeny group
  • Mr. Artem D’Silva – Head of Institution for sales Goa- for Diageo.


Non – Alcoholic beverages:

  1. The company has launched its first water under surrogate marketing for the alcoholic product that is whisky. Followed by ‘ dry fruits’ , chips etc. in food products. While aerated drinks are also in pipe line on the similar lines..