Business Overview


According to market surveys, the Indian liquor market is growing at 8-10% every year, thereby giving a huge scope for production and rich dividends in terms of competition in the market.

While the overall Industry is growing at 8-10 %, the Scotch segment is growing at 15%+. This is a high profile segment but as of now, there are only a few players in the market.

There are some big names involved in the production of this product on a large scale, yet the demand is not met being satisfied. One reason for this is the source and procurement of the product. The product can be termed as ‘Scotch’ only if it is imported from Scotland.This is one of the reasons why SID has stepped into the premium Scotch segment.

SID International launched its first-of-a-kind Blended Scotch Whisky Highbridge 1745, on 30th November 2014 at Panaji Community Center Hall.
Under surrogate marketing, we have also introduced our Highbridge Water brand.
There will be two types: ‘Regular’ and ‘Premium’.
The Regular one would be for the general public while the Premium would be for Category B and above outlets only.

Our PET products will mainly be self-consumed; however, should there be any market demand for PET products the same can be supplied. All innovation and development of customer friendly packaging will be introduced to increase sales and define new packaging trends in the market.
Simply Intelligent Designs (SID) International is a company that has been formed after great deal of thought and deliberation. The people behind these great thoughts are our very own directors – from inception till date:-

  • Mr. Johannes T M Lubbers (Chairman)
  • Mr. David De Souza (Managing Director)
  • Mr. Kalidas Wadji (Director- Sales and Distribution).