Goa’s first Infotainment Magazine.

A steaming hot espresso with a dash of sweet and a tinge of bitter! The Goan Espresso takes you on a journey, a kaleidoscope to Goa. From the authentically Goan Cashew Feni which every visitor identifies Goa with, to the mesmerizing doodhsagar falls which capture the essence of the Goan Monsoons.

Miss. Palomi Ghosh gives the glam flavor with her forthright demeanour which charms all in her presence. The true Goan artist  Mr. Subodh Kerkar will enlighten you with various aspects of Goan art and culture. A pictorial journey through Biblical Babylon will take you where only the very adventurous venture.

Goan Espresson

We hope to keep you entertained as well as informed about various aspects of Goan living. Keep taking generous sips of Goan Espresso every month and perk up your life!