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Going out to all Goan Espresso…..

We evolve every moment of our life. It’s difficult to decipher whether it is for the good or otherwise. There are several aspects of our lives which we leave it to destiny, God or circumstances. They say we have thinkers and we have the doers. Here is something which will make thinker’s ‘do’ and ‘doers’ think.
We are embarking on a new journey, a journey which will take you close to several lives, places, style and surely opening to new horizon.
There are several battles won on day to day basis, while many wars are lost. ‘The fight and the survival’ this on-going tussle, somewhere it is lost or last heard of. There is someone out there, busy creating something new, living an extraordinary life, among the ordinary ones. While living becomes need of the hour, there are many who just do exemplary stuff and yet remain hidden.

We are bringing all this and many more for your inspirational reading pleasure. It’s our sincere endeavor to take you to the world which you see but fail to observe.

Goa is a place of 3S’s- Sun, sand and Surf for anyone outside Goa.
For a true Goan it is 3Fs- Fish, Feni and Football. We at Goan Espresso want to connect with one & all. The idea is to make Goa a much bigger & desired name across the globe.

We at Goan Espresso, see this tiny little emerald knows as Goa, beyond ‘The 3S’s or The 3 F’s’. Goa for us is Going Out to All. Our effort would be to connect Goa and Goans to the world and the world to Goa and Goans.
We want each reader to relate himself to all of the content in this compilation. We bring brilliant and extraordinary treasures to be discovered and cherished.
So come one, come all for this is Going Out to All. ‘Goa Amcho Gaon’